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Re: Blood worms

Hi MArk,  Are you tslking about the big top pic of SPP Ekondo Titi or the lower smaller pic that kind of looks like a BIT to me?  Here is another pic to check out:
http://makeashorterlink.com/?T22721B43   Chromaphyosemions are tough to photograph because allot of the color is reflective type color and changes depending on the light hitting it.  The lower photo on Tim's site sure looks like a BIT to me though.   
Ron Anderson
Warwick, RI 
alt email: ron02886 at cox_net

On Thu, 30 Jan 2003 20:03:25  
 Mark Mackenzie wrote:
>Has anyone ever tried culturing blood worms before?  I have a tub outside 
>with some 1/4" larvae in it right now and would love to be able to raise 
>more from them or some how get some egg sacks of Chironomus riparius to get 
>a culture going.
>On another note I have A. splendoplure Econdotiti and it looks nothing like 
>the A. splendoplure Econdo Titi on the link 
>Mine is very colorful with its whole body a mix of reds blues and greens 
>and the one on the link is not at all as colorful, in fact I dont think I 
>have seen a picture of any Chromaphyosemion as full of color as it is, 
>ever. Does anyone know if the two species are the same or different because 
>of the very similar name?
>Thanks in advance.
>Mark Mackenzie
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