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RE: Killifish Conservation

Hi Erik

I have a large batch of N. whitei Barra de soa joao.  It has been rumored to
be a different species... (I can't tell a difference between my aquarium
strain and the location).

Best fishes

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><{{{>Subject: AW: Killifish Conservation
><{{{>Yes, but the main thing is to maintain the genetic pool as large as
><{{{>possible. This is best done having groups to spawn and
><{{{>interchanging eggs
><{{{>with other keepers of the same fish. Dan Hatz is coordinating the
><{{{>maintenance efforts on Simpsonichtys marginatus and he is
><{{{>doing his job!
><{{{>Which other fish are currently on a maintenance programm?
><{{{>Myself I have started helping on the marginatus project. I am
><{{{>also running a
><{{{>own project on the albino form of Nematolebias whitei. This
><{{{>fish is being
><{{{>inbred since many generations (since the sixties as I
><{{{>understood) and has
><{{{>become difficult to keep due to this. The albino strain of
><{{{>whitei is thus at
><{{{>risk of disapearing slowly from the hobby due to genetic
><{{{>inbreeding. I am
><{{{>currently crossing these albinos with 2 different strains of normally
><{{{>colored whitei. The purpose is to isolate again a new pure
><{{{>strain of abinos
><{{{>with better health and vitality. However I only have 2
><{{{>different aquarium
><{{{>strains of whitei.
><{{{>Does someone have a whitei strain with location (best F0 or
><{{{>F1) or a whitei
><{{{>strain which is particularly nice and healthy? That could help a lot.
><{{{>By the way, albino whitei is a very pretty fish! It is worth
><{{{>the trouble!
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><{{{>> Right on Harry.  Surely every serious hobbyist could find the
><{{{>> tank space to
><{{{>> adopt one species and commit to it for a couple of years.
><{{{>> GM
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><{{{>> Subject: AW: Killifish Conservation
><{{{>> Thanks to Roger Langton, the conservation of killifish under
><{{{>> auspices of the
><{{{>> KCC has been brought to the attention of the members of
><{{{>killietalk once
><{{{>> more.
><{{{>> This should be uppermost in our thoughts constantly as the AKA
><{{{>> remains the
><{{{>> prime source of this group of fish today. Our hobby will
><{{{>become even more
><{{{>> vital to the future existence of killies as more and more natural
><{{{>> habitats
><{{{>> are altered or destroyed. I fear much of the discussion has
><{{{>been directed
><{{{>> toward the problems of a loosely organized group
><{{{>maintaining killies. We
><{{{>> really should be concentrating on what we CAN DO as hobbyists and
><{{{>> members of
><{{{>> the AKA.
><{{{>> Gary C. Sutcliff, "Preserving Genetic Diversity in Killifish Species
><{{{>> Maintenance" in JAKA, 25 (3)93-101 (1992) is a seminal
><{{{>article outlining
><{{{>> genetic diversity. It is a must for anyone interested in long term
><{{{>> maintenance as it explains genetic drift and describes a
><{{{>program for long
><{{{>> term maintenance with the goal of genetic diversity.
><{{{>> As coordinator of the mesaphyosemion group of killies I have been
><{{{>> struggling
><{{{>> to obtain volunteers to step forward and organize a group
><{{{>of breeders of
><{{{>> specific species of mesaphyosemions. Surely many folks have
><{{{>> species
><{{{>> and know other good breeders of these fish. I personally
><{{{>> coordinate a group
><{{{>> maintaining the chocolate Aphyosemion australe. On the average of
><{{{>> every two
><{{{>> years we exchange fish among others in the group. As
><{{{>coordinator I advise
><{{{>> the
><{{{>> exchanges to maintain genetic diversity. It simply requires
><{{{>one maintain
><{{{>> healthy killies and follow the lead of a coordinator in
><{{{>exchanging fish.
><{{{>> Anyone willing to form a group under the KCC to breed one of the
><{{{>> mesaphyose-mions, please contact me in person. For other groups
><{{{>> of killifish
><{{{>> it is necessary to contact different coordinators. The important
><{{{>> thing is to
><{{{>> get involved; join the KCC.
><{{{>Harry Specht
><{{{>Sarasota, Fl
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