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RE: Killiefish in Mexico - Cancun

I have visited this area and collected several times.  The killifish fauna
is virtually identical to that of the Yucatan peninsula or the Belize
mainland coast:

1.  Rivuilus tenuis --- found all over, sometimes in marine environments,
but mostly a freshwater - brackish species.  Lots of variation within and
between populations in strength of male color pattern.  Large specimens can
be striking.  Generally only a few specimens from any particular locality,
but widespread.  Can sometimes be found together with the following in crab

2.  Rivulus marmoratus  --- marine only, in marine mangral environments and
usually in crabholes.  Common but hard to collect.

3.  Cyprinodon artifrons (marine environments only---the typical pupfish of
the area).  Not very different from ordinary C. variegatus in appearance.
Young nuptial males can be so dark purple as to seem black.

4.  Floridichthys polyommus (marine only---not much of an aquarium fish, at
least in my hands, but extermely beautiful when first collected).  I have
never been able to keep any of these alive in aquaria long enough to
attempt a spawning, but I believe that Bob Goldstein has bred F. carpio

5.  Garmanella pulchra (small specimens inshore with pupfish, larger ones
often more offshore with Floridichthys).  A very attractive species that
does well in aquarium.  Smaller specimens are often seemingly dull colored
when first collected, but color quickly in aquarium.  Tough to transport
except in individual bags.

6.  Fundulus persimilis and F. grandisimus.  I only made one record of
these species and probably only got the former.  However, there are museum
specimens from several coastal localities.

7.  Nonkillies:  Poecilia velifera, Poecilia orri, Gambusia spp.

Young specimens of nos. 3, 4, and 5, as well as adults of 3 can be found in
tidally flooded, shallow habitats, sometimes in full sunlight
(unsheltered).  These locales can become very warm.


					Bruce J. Turner
					Assoc. Professor of Biology
					VPISU, Blacksburg, VA 24061
					fishgen at vt_edu

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