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AW: Killifish Conservation

Thanks to Roger Langton, the conservation of killifish under auspices of the 
KCC has been brought to the attention of the members of killietalk once more. 
This should be uppermost in our thoughts constantly as the AKA remains the 
prime source of this group of fish today. Our hobby will become even more 
vital to the future existence of killies as more and more natural habitats 
are altered or destroyed. I fear much of the discussion has been directed 
toward the problems of a loosely organized group maintaining killies. We 
really should be concentrating on what we CAN DO as hobbyists and members of 
the AKA. 

Gary C. Sutcliff, "Preserving Genetic Diversity in Killifish Species 
Maintenance" in JAKA, 25 (3)93-101 (1992) is a seminal article outlining 
genetic diversity. It is a must for anyone interested in long term 
maintenance as it explains genetic drift and describes a program for long 
term maintenance with the goal of genetic diversity. 

As coordinator of the mesaphyosemion group of killies I have been struggling 
to obtain volunteers to step forward and organize a group of breeders of 
specific species of mesaphyosemions. Surely many folks have wonderful species 
and know other good breeders of these fish. I personally coordinate a group 
maintaining the chocolate Aphyosemion australe. On the average of every two 
years we exchange fish among others in the group. As coordinator I advise the 
exchanges to maintain genetic diversity. It simply requires one maintain 
healthy killies and follow the lead of a coordinator in exchanging fish. 

Anyone willing to form a group under the KCC to breed one of the 
mesaphyose-mions, please contact me in person. For other groups of killifish 
it is necessary to contact different coordinators. The important thing is to 
get involved; join the KCC. 

                                                         Harry Specht
                                                         Sarasota, Fl
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