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Thanks David. Yes I noticed that you have bogwood in almost all of your
tanks. What are you getting from that?? The wood does impart a
tea-colored appearance to the water similar to peat. Does it help soften
the water? pH Control? I assume you are on well water, does this help
that situation? I suppose the bogwood provides some shelter and if
doesn't sit there on the bottom, hiding a bunch of uneaten food too.


Northwest Killies
Brian Perkins, President
West Linn, OR 

Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 03:12:12 EST
From: Killifishdavid at aol_com
Subject: Re: Plataplocheilus species

Hey Brian,  Your temp's of 70-72 should be fine. I kept Plat.ngaensis on
shelf tank, temp ran from 68-74, 6 prs in a 20 gal. high, heavy
using tightly braided yarn mops floating from one end, finding eggs
seemed a problem at the time with this set-up. I also kept some sunken 
bogwood pieces as well as a floating
piece of driftwood w/narrow groves cut into it and would also find eggs
this cut groove, they seemed to prefer the wood over the mops!
   David M. 

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