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Re: Questions about notho breeding

killiman wrote:
 > Hi Robert you said. In 35 years of breeding annuals, I still rarely find
 > more than an egg or 2 in peat. If you only see one or two eggs you need
 > more light or better glasses.

At my age, a big magnifier helps a lot, as does a 100W halogen reading lamp
right across the bowl from my viewing position. A smoothly-rounded white 
bowl shows the golden eggs rather well if light is strong enough and the 
peat is spread out (a little at a time) to allow light to reflect through 
them from the bowl.

A light table works even better, but I no longer have that luxury.

I once tested my technique by burying a single egg in new, damp peat. I 
found I could locate it in 90% of trials in under 10 minutes. [It was a dark 
SA Annual egg that tended to collect peat particles, so a pretty tough test.]

The test is of interest if you want to find a technique that works best for you.


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