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Questions about noto breeding

Hello everyone,  

   Its me again Mike from San Antonio.  I was changing the water today and decided to check the water. I have yet to get any eggs from my Notobrachius, using boiled peat as the media.  

Here was the outcome.

 Tap water  pH 7.0  Kh 232.7 degree  nitrates 0.0

Used water (water in the tank left for 1 week)

ph 8.0  KH 232.7 degree and nitrates 5.0ppm

I talked to a guy at the tropical fish store and he said that I could use a filter or use some plants.  He said that the plants will reduce the nitrates.  He also said that the 

plants will need some special light for about 12 hrs a day and some Iron. I am currently using no plants in my small breeding tanks, which hold about 6 gallons.  These fish are several monthes old and should be reproductively capable to breed ( the females are nice and fat). So can anyone give me any suggestions on ways to improve my situation? Any particular type of plants? I would like to stay away from moving water, cause I have tried that before and the Notos didn't like it at all and started to die off. 





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