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RE: Water storage containers??

Hi Tom, Jim Again, I have two that hold 40 gal each. I cut them down to fit 
under one one the benches I use for racks.No wheels, not enough room in the 
fish room. The next time they get low i'm putting the insulation under them. 
I have foam filters in each that I run a lot of air thru to keep the water 
moving. I am going to add some heat to them in the near future. Guess I 
better sign up for a UNYKA meeting soon at my house! Here's a plug for MAKA. 
Great bunch of killi people just had to join! Even though it is a three hour 
drive!(piece of cake for UNYKA members!) Jim Randall AKA, SAA,UNYKA,MAKA

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>Thanks Jim,
>Right now I am using 5 gal paint buckets (brand new) never been used of
>course. I have them in my heated fish room. I keep them on some scrap 2x4's
>to keep them a couple of inches off the floor. This seems to do the trick.
>The down side is my water comes out of my purifier at around 44 degrees, so
>I must allow the water to set for at least 24 hours or more to get it to
>around 70 degrees. See my dilemma.
>Now if I add a heater to, lets say a garbage pale would that heater cause
>troubles with the leaching out of chemicals from the plastic? I think this
>would be so much easier if I had one of those 55 gal food grade drums on
>wheels. Unfortunately there are no places around my area (Rome, N.Y.) that
>seem to sell this type of container.
>Could you tell me a bit more about your container? I.e.  gallons, height,
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>Hi Tom ,Jim In Albany. I'm using large containers that I got from a local
>soda bottling company. They get their syrup in them. Fred and I were
>discussing water containers on a recent trip to a MAKA meeting. The topic 
>heating came up and he said to insulate them from the cooler floor. Just my
>two cents.  Jim Randall
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>Subject: Water storage containers??
>I was wondering what types of containers do you (the group) store water in?
>I am thinking about buying a Rubbermaid 30+ gal garbage pale or something
>along that line. I have used other types of Rubbermaid containers, but I am
>uncertain about their garbage pales.
>Any suggestions on a container that I might be able to purchase at a local
>Walmart or hardware store would be very helpful. I am finishing up trying 
>setup my last rack of fish tanks and I am in need of a large container that
>I can use to store and heat the water to around 70 degrees.
>Tom Garofalo
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