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Re: breeder award revision?

There is a provision in the Killifish Hobbyist of the Year program to
recognize long term maintenance for points towards that award. However, the
species maintenance committee has changed its ways of operating since the
KHY was introduced, so that sectionof the program rarely nets any
recognition. For what it's worth, when Lee Harper won the KHY several years
ago, the strength of his point total was in species maintenance.

Anyway, I do agree that species maintence should be recognized somehow, but
there has to be a method adopted to verify maintenance.

<<From KHY Rules:

B. Species Maintenance Participation
 1. Members registering with the SMC and successfully maintaining a species
shall receive 10 points.
 2. If said participant supplies the committee with 5 pairs of the species
for distribution back into the hobby, they shall receive an additional 20

Joel Antkowiak

Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2003 09:59:48 -0500
From: Frauley Elson <fraulels at videotron_ca>
Subject: Re: breeder award revision?

I've been reading this thread with interest, as while I have questions,
I have no answers on this issue. The closest I come is to say that
recognition should be the "prize". When I hit a reference, in article or
on this list, to someone keeping a killie for more than ten years, my
gut reaction is a tip of the hat. That is an accomplishment in
fishkeeping that I really respect, and I generally remember those names
in hopes of someday meeting them. To me, the longterm maintenance people
are the ones we can really learn from.

So a once a year listing in the JAKA of long term keepers would carry a
certain "honour", except that those people might then be pestered to
sell fish they might not be producing in large enough numbers. However,
I agree with Shene that distributing the fish is at least as important
as maintaining it, especially in "AKA as a club" terms.

It might become a competition. It might be tied into an "old and rare"
distribution network. Maybe people wouldn't want the recognition. Those
that did could get recognition, maybe in a yearly report (JAKA or BNL
special) on species maintenance? Hmm, or 50 years with the same
species'll get you a gold watch and a boot in the behind?

I don't see it tied into shows, because many longterm keepers may well
be non affiliate club people. If you are out of the loop, then this
hobby is the fish more than the people. The only killie shows I have
ever seen were at AKA conventions and I can't mail fish to shows (I'm in
Canada) so the show circuit isn't too interesting to me. I don't know
what percentage of members get into showing fish, so I may just be
muttering in the snow on that one.

Anyway, longterm maintenance should be recognized as it is not easy -
things go wrong too easily, with our fish, in our lives, etc. It's also
a really fun part of the hobby we should emphasize.

Gary Elson

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