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RE: Water storage containers??

Hi Tom et all,

I have been using the rubbermaid storage containers(garbage cans) for ages.  
Here is what I do,  Using the sprayer on the on the sink Run the hottest tap 
water you can.  Take a bottle of rubbing alchahol pour it over a rag or 
paper towel a little at a time, wipe down the inside of the can and lip by 
hand just turn or pitch the rag frequently when visibly soiled from the 
greases.  The rubbing alchahol evaporates very fast and should be ready to 
rinse again with hot water after 20-30 minutes MAX.  Then It is good to go!

As far as toxicity of the oils; I don't know and I would rather not find 
out, But it will form an oil film at the surface when filled if you do not 
clean the barrel/garbage can!

Glad I could be of service

God Bless, Lee Van Hyfte  <><

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