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RE: Water storage containers??


I'll bet those containers are not food grade. Try to contact a recycling 
company about barrels of various sizes. I got some 55 gal here in OR for 
$10. If you want to pay top dollar, which I'm sure you don't, look at 


At 10:05 AM 1/26/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>Wow... that sounds like a very impressive fish room you have there!! I would
>love to see it. (pictures or a visit sometime) Right now I am trying to get
>a hold of Rubbermaid to see if all there containers are considered food
>grade or not. I am leaning towards the not, but asking won't hurt.
>Thanks for the descriptive picture of your water storage setup. It gives me
>some good ideas for the next time I design my system.
>Thanks (once more),
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>I'm partial to the Rubbermaid horse troughs. I've got three 300 gallon ones
>stacked up for water storage for my "other fish" room that are linked with
>float valves and hooked to a 1/2 horse well pump and pressure tank so I have
>"fish water" on tap and pressurized water for my water changing system. And
>three 100 gallon ones for storing and mixing killi water.Eventually going to
>have a well pump on this one too. Using 3/4" blue styrofoam for covers to
>cut down on evaporation.
>Jim Graham
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