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Re: breeder award revision?

>From: "Frauley Elson" <fraulels at videotron_ca>
>Subject: Re: breeder award revision?
> I've been reading this thread with interest, as while I have questions,
> I have no answers on this issue. The closest I come is to say that
> recognition should be the "prize". When I hit a reference, in article or
> on this list, to someone keeping a killie for more than ten years, my
> gut reaction is a tip of the hat. That is an accomplishment in
> fishkeeping that I really respect, and I generally remember those names
> in hopes of someday meeting them. To me, the longterm maintenance people
> are the ones we can really learn from.
The AKA and clubs around the world are trying very hard to get more people
involved in doing just what you are talking about. It is called the Species
Maintenance Program. Always need more people involved, and more fish being
officially kept.  Anything that would help get 'exposure' of the program out
to people is a good thing. Nothing like long term results to quiet the
This would be a obvious species maintenance program plug.

David Ramsey
djramsey at earthlink_net

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