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Re: Water storage containers??


I have successfully used the round Rubbermaid trash cans (33 gallon 
and 50 gallon) for the last 4 years.  In some, I have even installed 
bulkhead fittings with valves but I have always just used a 
submersible pump in them instead of an external pump.  I let hot 
water soak in the trash cans overnight and then drained them before 
using the trash cans the first time.  I also tried the rectangular 
Rubbermaid trash cans and all of those leaked after about a year. 
The round shape deals with the stress better but it is possible that 
there was a manufacturing defect in my rectangular ones since they 
all leaked from the same place on the bottom of the trash can and not 
from the sides.  On the tops of the rectangular trash cans, I did 
have to attach straps to hold the sides in and keep them from bowing 
out.  I wanted to use the rectangular ones because of the more 
efficient use of space.

Rochester, NY
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