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Re: breeder award revision?

Bill, you are absolutely right. Even though we get into a philosophical area 
with respect to what the hobby is to an individual as opposed to the masses, 
I think the AKA is the one organization that will do it right. While some 
species just are not prolific and some are real volume breeders, we might 
consider consolidating the award program so that each of the different 
categories are a recognition of contribution to our hobby. An example might 
be that to reach an expert status, if thats your goal, one would have been 
recognized in the breeding, showing, conservation, and distribution of a 
particular species. If that person wanted to go with another species, they 
could do the same thing for another notch or degree of expert. So, if a 
hobbyist has 20 tanks, he or she can still compete. One of the discouraging 
facts to some people is that you can pick easy to breed prolific fish and be 
competitve and win. If your interest lies in less prolific killies , you 
cannot compete. That may be why we hear that so and so has really nice such 
and such. I apologise for trying to climb on the soapbox, but I think this 
discussion is really on track. If all that sounds familiar, it is probably 
because we are talking about the KHY program goals. Mark D. Oh,by the way, I 
have a really nice pair of your zygaima. They are doing great. I'll be 
distributing some this spring. I dont have to pick eggs. they are hatching in 
the tank too fast.

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