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Re: breeder award revision?

Sounds nice Gary;
For those who are not exteremely long term guys due to the typical human
lifespan, the reward is always and will be having someone say "So and so
always has really nice prs of those.  Check with him for some"  I, like many
of us, had a span of non killikeeping due to overwork and family rearing.
Such a verbal reward depends both on long term care and widespread
distribuition, which is what I think we should be striving for.  Meaning, I
am glad Freddy Xxxx always has species Ssss, but if he rarely has any
available, to me that does not help the species or hobby much. As goes
Freddy, so goes the species.
Bill Shenefelt

> Just a comment :   I was, at one time, and suppose I still am in favor of
> an award, title, plaque, certificate  or something like "Keeper of the
> Species"

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