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Re: Water storage containers??

I have two palstic 55 gallon food grade drums in the basement, and one 15 
gallon food grade plastic drum upstairs.  I found them all at a Homebrew 
store for a very reasonable price.  All were used, the 55 gallon drums had 
apple juice concentrate and the 15 gallon drum had malt extract in it.

For the 55 gallon drums I use a small pump with 50 feet of hose to pump the 
water to the tanks.  Much easier than carrying buckets!  The whole setup was 
about $100.00.

Drummond Howard
Gaithersburg, Maryland

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>Subject: Re: Water storage containers??
>Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2003 09:44:53 -0800
>I had trouble with the wheeled containers eventually springing leaks. I 
>picked up some (food-grade?) containers at a local grocery semi-wholesaler 
>warehouse (Smart and Final) and found the flat tops made useful work 
>surfaces. They were about twice as thick-walled as the Rubbermaid trash 
>containers. Cost under $20.
>Tom wrote:
>>I was wondering what types of containers do you (the group) store water 
>>I am thinking about buying a Rubbermaid 30+ gal garbage pale or something
>>along that line. I have used other types of Rubbermaid containers, but I 
>>uncertain about their garbage pales.
>>Any suggestions on a container that I might be able to purchase at a local
>>Walmart or hardware store would be very helpful. I am finishing up trying 
>>setup my last rack of fish tanks and I am in need of a large container 
>>I can use to store and heat the water to around 70 degrees.
>>Tom Garofalo
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