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Re: off topic(painting of fish and such)

Hi George,

George Slusarczuk wrote:
> Hello Lee,
> I agree with you, that in order to further the hobby of preserving
> killies, as opposed to just breeding them, we have to change some
> competition rules. 

Amen, George, but maybe you are preaching to the choir. :-)

> I know for a fact, that in order to garner more
> "points", some people breed a fish, raise them to the point where they
> can differenciate gender, have it verified and... literally toss the
> fish down the drain to make space for the next species!
> Some 15-20 years ago I proposed to the Board changes in that direction:
> In order to receive breeding points one would have to raise the fish to
> maturity and exhibit them in local, regional or national shows,
> receiveing different number of points for the different shows. If the
> fish wins first, second or third place -- it gets extra points.
> Listing them in BNL gets another point or two, etc.
> Needless to say, that idea went over like the proverbial lead baloon.
> Maybe it is time to resurect it?

IMHO, there is a fundamental conflict between preserving natural killifish 
and the judged-competition process that derives directly from the "breeding 
better pigs" model, as a German friend once sarcastically put it.

If we want Killifish to go the route of Orandas and Bettas, by all means 
continue the present process and even make it more extreme by adopting 
"standards" that represent unachievable ideals that create a maximum rate of 
change in the fish. [Watch the Westminster Dog Show next week if you want to 
see that process in its most hideous form.]

If we want a quiet refuge for natural-looking fish that please those not 
particularly interested in non-functional mutants, I suspect we need to 
resurect your suggestion or at least re-examine what we are doing.

I'd like to be a part of the process, but have to be frank that I do not 
have a pat answer to the problem.


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