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Re: off topic(painting of fish)

Dr. Joe wrote :

"Painting fish is another symptom of a 
sick society......."

IMHO, the "Painted Fish and the Red/Orange cichlid abominations" that
are sold in some LFS are symptomatic of the lengths that people of
dubious parentage will go to in order to make money.

I realize that money allows us to enjoy our hobby however this does not
justify the perversions that "creep into the hobby".
Remember the Betta vase craze that was finally corrected ? This is much
I suggest we _all_ make our distaste known to those LFS owners who
order/sell these fish. Then the old demand/supply axiom will come into

Have a good weekend and stay well,

in much too cold New Orleans BRRRR!

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler'

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