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Re: off topic(painting of fish and such)

In a message dated 1/24/03 9:19:01 AM, schmidtcarney at ecr_net writes:

<< Soap Box mode OFF. >>

    Well, my soap box mode is on again. As much as I support the AKA and its 
principles of wild type fish and species conservation, we (I am too) are 
guilty of preserving genetic deviants such as gold gardneri, orange australe 
and even "chocolate" australe which are different from any wild strains. Now 
I guess we disclaim culpability and say that these occurred unintentionally 
and we just kept them alive.
    On a related matter, I am also not totally in agreement with the practice 
of importing so many new collections of killies that they lose their value in 
our minds and therefore are lost because they cannot all be maintained 
properly. There are too many varieties of killifish and too few dedicated 
breeders. What is the answer? I don't know. Maybe we should award more points 
- KEY, KAP, KEY for long term maintenance of species. The  introduction of 
Matched Breeding Pairs and Breeding Groups as categories in the National 
Convention competition is a step in that direction. Perhaps it should be 
encouraged in local shows as well.
    Back to the dyed fish issue. It is probably no more cruel to dye a fish 
than it is to subject it to weeks of starvation and poor water conditions 
while transporting it to this country from the wild.
    Let's leave the soap box on for a while anyway.

Lee Harper, Chairman KHY
Media, PA 
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