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Re: off topic(painting of fish and such)

 I tell the customers exactly why I don't have the "fruit loops fish
> like Walmart" and usually they decide to look at a natural fish instead.
> whole painting thing makes me ill :-((
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If you stop to think about the things we humans have done to animals for the
sake of fashion (read Black Beauty sometime--it's a scathing indictment of
human treatment of animals).....Tail docking (dogs and horses), ear cropping
(dogs), producing breeds of dogs (bulldogs and Boston Terriers for example)
that can no longer deliver vaginally because the dam's pelvis is too narrow
and the pups' heads are too large, producing breeds that have chronic eye
and breathing problems as a result of "pushed in" noses (pugs, persian cats,
etc). I am very grateful that the AKA's emphasis in show judging is on
healthy, true to the wild type fish rather than on "fashion." I wish that
other hobbyist groups and breed organizations followed our example.

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