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RE: 2003 convention -- Memorial Day weekend

Hi Folks:

Hopefully there will be some official info posted on the AKA Site Soon.  I
believe that Matt Kaufman is working diligently on the project right now.
So far, from what I can tell, the accommodations and awards are set in
stone.  The hotel is a very nice facility, but it is not located near any
convenient public transportation. (There might still be a local bus line
that runs close to the hotel, but on a holiday weekend it might be a very
bad idea to try it.)

There are currently no plans to provide transportation from the airport to
the hotel although van service has been discussed.  I was told that I would
be getting the name of an airport limo service to post on this list later
this week, but if anyone wants to do any sightseeing you will most likely
want to rent a car at the airport.   Newark has train service in and out of
Manhattan, and there are certainly other places worth visiting to send your
spouses to, but a rental car is a must. I recommend that people try to
coordinate their arrivals and departures. This way several people can pitch
in and rent one car. Taxi service from the airport to the hotel should run
you somewhere between $65 and $95 one way, but that is just an estimate.

The program is still in the works. The auction will of course be held on
Sunday. There will be speakers and fish room sales on Saturday. I know
someone is working on trying to coordinate the fish room sales to avoid
conflict with the lectures and presentations. To the best of my knowledge
there has not yet been a list of speakers posted. The awards dinner should
be Saturday night as usual.



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