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Re: off topic(painting of fish)

Does anyone out there know of any reports on how the fish are painted/dyed? I am looking for something with an exact explaination of how it is done, what tortures the fish is put through, the percentage that die in the process, the likelyhood that the fish will live out its whole life after, etc. Someting that I can either just print out and start handing to the managers at all of my many LFSs, or some information that I can turn into a report to give them. I know that if I just tell them they won't listen nor understand(as I am a just a child to them, and since they own a store, they know more than I do), but if they have something they can read and I show it to all of their employees, it will be a much easier process. I know a while back there was a petition on some website that you could sign, but I since have lost the URL. So if anyone can help me out, thanks! 
P.S. I was amazed to see that one of my favorite LFSs finally stopped keeping the painted glass fish we commonly see, and had an entire tankful with NO coloring! I've always wanted some of these fish but refused to buy colored ones, now I can finally own some :)
 Wright Huntley <jwwiii at pacbell_net> wrote:SERMON MODE 

Whether it is painted glass fish or other species, the process is a bit 
cruel, and probably does the fish no good. Eventually, they absorb the 
fluorescent dye and revert to their natural colorless condition, if they 
don't die first.

I encourage stores who stock them to stop doing so, and even go so far as to 
boycott them for all fish products if they persist. This does little or no 
good, if you don't have the courage to seek out the manager and let him know 
how you feel about it. Be very polite but firm. They have to stock what 
people want to buy, and the kiddies do like the day-glow effect a lot.

It may help to point out to them that many large aquarium societies have 
urged their members to boycott stores who carry the dyed fish.

The public will only get the word if you help spread it.

What a pity that the stores' need for colorful fish often misses the whole 
world of killifish. Nevertheless, there are lots of naturally colorful fish, 
like guppies, so they don't really need to contribute to torture of little 

That's my US$0.02. YMMV



George & Melanie Caruso wrote:
> I have seen something like this from a company called Aquatic Eco Systems. They offer two species of fish. The Medakafish and the Zebrafish. They call them Transgenic fish.They do some kind of microinjection with genes into embryos. The results are some pretty electric colored fish. The fish are sterile and can not reproduce. They use the genes from jellyfish in one case. I don't know if this
> is the same thing as you are talking about, but it may be.
> George
> Michael Reid wrote:
>>My name is Paige. And my name is Paisley. We are fifth graders from Mr. Reid's class.We were wondering if you knew the scientific name for Tropical Fruit Treasers? Wal-Mart is the store we are planning to buy from. This is how it looks there is color injected into their bodys. they are about 3 centimeters long.they are tropical fish.We know it is not a Killifish. Thank You for your help!
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