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Suggestions for links

Hi everyone,

As part of the ongoing redesign of the AKA website I will be doing a list of useful links. Many of these I will be able to come up with myself. However, I would find it interesting and useful to hear your ideas regarding those links that you think are most exciting and useful. They can be to killie sites or to sites of general interest to serious aquarium hobbyists. Some will be sites done by individuals, while others will be sites of organizations, including affiliate clubs and killie organizations in other countries. Personal sites will most certainly be considered if they are considered to be very useful. However, I reserve that right to make a final judgement and to prioritize, as I won't be able to include every possible link. You are welcome to suggest your own site, but please don't feel offended if I find I can't include it.

Preferably submit the name of the site and the URL, such as:

American Killifish Association	www.aka.org



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