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RE: Artificial Hatching

>So....high CO2 from all the yeast fermentation in your microworm
>culture........increased respiratory rate in the embryo.........rupture
>of the hatching glands.......the egg membrane dissolves.....presto a
>container full of hatched fry.
>Now this is only theory on my part based on simple physiology and the
>article above but it makes sense to me. Any opinions from the
>physiologist out there?

I just tried hatching some fry using microworms and it worked great.  I had 
somewhere between 80 and 95 eggs of blue gularis and put them into a small 
dish of water(they were on top of peat for incubation) and added as pure 
plain mocroworms as I think possible to the dish.  That was last night and 
now there are only three or four unhatched eggs and one or two dead fry, 
and all the rest aper very healthy and the few eggs that haven't hatched 
look under developed.  This is the best hatch rate I have ever had (Im new, 
this hatch represents 5%+ of all the fry Iv ever had) and unless the yeast 
got there from the digestive proses of the worms I think the worm helped in 
the hatching not the yeast.

Mark Mackenzie

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