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Re: Shopping Cart vs. Paypal

I have bought a lot of things over the internet, most via shopping carts,
and usually prefer that to Paypal, although I prefer Paypal to actually
sending a check most of the time.  I do not like several things about
Paypal:  their site is often too busy (I've been trying to subscribe to the
Aquatic Gardener's Association but haven't been able to login to my Paypal
account, not from a problem with the account, but the server is
overwhelmed); I don't want to do their "certification" step because I don't
want to share my bank information, the credit card info is more than enough
to share over the net; I have tried to use it to make non-standard
(non-auction-purchase) payments and it didn't handle those smoothly (kept
trying to force me to enter info that was not relevant to my non-auction
payment, because it was not designed for non-auction payments).

Diane Brown in St. Louis
brown_d at kids_wustl.edu

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