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Flow system guestion about flow monitors

I have an idea that is beyond just a concept. I have constructed a prototype 
once through water supply system that takes tap water, removes the chlorine 
via a carbon filter and distributes by means of a manifold to several tanks 
(I am at 12 five gallon tanks now and expanding). The overflow goes out 
through holes drilled in the tank sides with a screen to keep the fish from 
leaving and into a drain manifold to a discard water sump. In the winter I 
recognized immediately that I needed to warm the tap water (50 degrees) to at 
least 70 degrees. I accomplished this somewhat by immersing about 30 feet of 
coiled tubing in my 55 gallon drum which is heated to 78 degrees. This drum 
is where I have been "conditioning" water before using it to manually replace 
water. From there the tubing goes to the manifold. This works OK at low flow 
rates, which is where I want it to be. However I know of no cheap flow 
monitor that will give me a rough measure of flow rate except the ones used 
in chemistry setups where condenser cooling water is monitored. However, 
anything from a laboratory supply house is exorbitantly priced. See 
http://www.kimble-kontes.com/html/pg-626250.html for an example.
Barry Cooper has suggested that a flow monitor would also be useful for each 
tank supply. I can estimate that, if necessary, by arranging a drip entry to 
each tank above the water surface. Any suggestions by way of drip irrigation 
supply places or wherever?

Lee Harper
Media, PA 
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