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Re: New AKA web site)paypal)

Never had a single problem with Paypal in the 3-4 years my father and I been using it. I don't bid on auctions that I can't use it on, money orders are so time consuming, plus money orders make it easier for the seller to rip you off(purchased 35 dollars worth of Java Moss once, never saw the money nor heard from the seller since). I'm all for using Paypal because there is no way for them to freeze your money as long as you don't give them any. I don't just add money to my account and let it sit, I only add money when it needs to be sent to someone. It is the obvious way to do it, and that way they don't have iot for more than a few seconds. Why don't you have different options of payment(I.E. phoning it in, Paypal, mail-in, etc.)? That way, people can use whatever they want and no one has any need to complain.

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