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Re: New AKA web site

I have used PayPal for over 100 transactions over the last couple of years, 
strictly from a buyers standpoint, and have never had a problem with them.  
I have heard seen sellers who refuse to use it, but I don't know anyone who 
has ever complained about them.  As for the complaints I have read about, 
they are the same as any merchant account, if they receive complaints that 
you are conducting fraudulent activities with your account they will freeze 
it, as will any bank.  It is very easy for someone to dispute any credit 
card transaction and have it charged back to the merchant's account.  PayPal 
can freeze your PayPal account, but there shouldn't be any monay in it 
anyway.  It should all be transfered out daily rather than being allowed to 
sit.  The money should also not be allowed to sit in the account that PayPal 
has access to either, if they don't have it or have access to it, they can't 
touch it.

At one time not too long ago PayPal was under investigation by several for 
illegally operating a bank.  I don't know what ever happened with that, but 
to my knowledge they are not a bank and I also believe they are now owned or 
being purchased by e-bay.

Whichever way you go, you always have to watch them very closely.  They all 
make "mistakes" which are mostly in their favor.

BTW, I have seen a bank freeze accounts on a Friday because they saw some 
unusual activity and they didn't have time to figure it out before they went 
home for a long weekend.  They didn't release the money till Tuesday after 
the owner of the account had the branch manager do the research for the loss 
prevention department to prove there was nothing fraudulent with the 
transaction.  They all tend to freeze accounts first and let you come to 
them to get it unfrozen, from my experience, that is....

Drummond Howard
Gaithersburg, Maryland

>From: Barry Cooper <bjc3 at cornell_edu>
>Reply-To: killietalk at aka_org
>To: "killietalk at aka_org" <killietalk at aka_org>
>Subject: New AKA web site
>Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 12:09:53 -0800
>Hi all,
>As many of you know, the AKA will be moving it's web site to a commercial 
>hosting company as soon as I can get it ready to go live. The main reason 
>is that I am no longer at Cornell, where the old server is hosted.
>In putting the site together, I have to rebuild a lot of stuff, and I'm 
>doing a complete reorganization and redesign intended to make navigation 
>more easy. Amongst the major tasks I have to do is to rebuild the online 
>store to run on the new server (which is Linux, rather than Mac OS). There 
>are shopping cart solutions provided by the hosting company, or I could 
>choose to use the PayPal shopping cart solution. The advantage of the 
>latter is that we don't have to purchase our own secure certificate, as 
>credit card information is provided to PayPal on their secure servers. This 
>would save the AKA a few hundred bucks at startup, as well as a couple of 
>hundred a year in ongoing costs. The other side of the coin is that I 
>believe that I will have more flexibility to customize a store made with 
>one of the provided shopping cart solutions, including the ability to make 
>the store look more unique.
>I am posting this message because I'd like input regarding the 
>acceptability of using the PayPal system. As many of you know, this system 
>would pass off a request to pay for an AKA item to PayPal. You need to be 
>signed up with them to make the payment. That means if you are not already 
>signed up, you would have to do so at the time of the purchase by giving 
>them your name, email address and credit card information. It is not a lot 
>different from giving us that information, really. PayPal would bill your 
>credit card and transfer the money, less the appropriate transaction fee 
>(which is less than we currently pay, that is, part of the savings) to the 
>AKA account. We would probably maintain our own merchant credit card 
>account, though, for use at the convention.
>After all that long explanation, my question is simply this: Do any of you 
>have experience using stores that require payment via PayPal. Do you have 
>any discomfort with this system of payment? Do you like it?
>Any input will be appreciated. It will certainly be easier and quicker to 
>implement a PayPal based system.
>Barry J. Cooper, Prof. Emeritus, Dept. Biomedical Sciences, Cornell 
>Adjunct faculty, College of Veterinary Medicine, Oregon State University
>Home address: 27505 Riggs Hill Rd., Sweet Home, OR 97386 (bjc3 at cornell_edu)
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