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Re: New AKA web site

This was a pretty damning post, without an iota of hard information that 
could be verified.

I have used Paypal for years without serious troubles. The only incidents 
that I have ever heard about were with a few morons who stubbornly refused 
to understand e-bay guarantee rules on large purchases. Yes, they had funds 
they had already *spent* "frozen" (the money was gone and the checks had 
cleared!) but the problems were with e-bay, and the nutcase's ignorance of 
their refund rules, and not with Paypal.

Paypal is a bank, and simply cannot, under the law, do what John suggests 
they did. OTOH, they cannot set the rules for vendors and customers in all 
areas. Read the fine print, John, and you'll be OK.

AKA # 07121

John Wubbolt wrote:
> Barry
> What ever you do, as an AKA member please dont use PayPal as the way to
> pay for things on the website..... There is way too much bad info about
> paypal and what can happen if you use it, they can freeze your money,
> not give it back, things like that..... If you go with Pay pal ,... I
> will refuse to use the site anymore.
> Just a concerned Member
> John Wubbolt
> AKA # 7344
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