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Re: New AKA web site

Hey Barry,

I'm not sure who you are transfering to as a host but I could host the site
free. From the way you speak of things it sounds like you will be using
Interchange as your shopping cart. I run a hosting business and also spent
many years developing Interchange stores. I'm currently working with the IBC
to release a new site. It will be completely driven via a MySQL database.

I also recently launched www.breederhost.com which is free hosting for
animal breeders. As you can see I like to combine my business into my hobby.
Let me know if you would like any assistance or even a host. I would be
honored to assist with this project free of charge. I look forward to
hearing from you and possibly working with you.


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Subject: New AKA web site

> Hi all,
> As many of you know, the AKA will be moving it's web site to a commercial
> hosting company as soon as I can get it ready to go live. The main reason
> is that I am no longer at Cornell, where the old server is hosted.
> In putting the site together, I have to rebuild a lot of stuff, and I'm
> doing a complete reorganization and redesign intended to make navigation
> more easy. Amongst the major tasks I have to do is to rebuild the online
> store to run on the new server (which is Linux, rather than Mac OS). There
> are shopping cart solutions provided by the hosting company, or I could
> choose to use the PayPal shopping cart solution. The advantage of the
> latter is that we don't have to purchase our own secure certificate, as
> credit card information is provided to PayPal on their secure servers.
> would save the AKA a few hundred bucks at startup, as well as a couple of
> hundred a year in ongoing costs. The other side of the coin is that I
> believe that I will have more flexibility to customize a store made with
> one of the provided shopping cart solutions, including the ability to make
> the store look more unique.
> I am posting this message because I'd like input regarding the
> acceptability of using the PayPal system. As many of you know, this system
> would pass off a request to pay for an AKA item to PayPal. You need to be
> signed up with them to make the payment. That means if you are not already
> signed up, you would have to do so at the time of the purchase by giving
> them your name, email address and credit card information. It is not a lot
> different from giving us that information, really. PayPal would bill your
> credit card and transfer the money, less the appropriate transaction fee
> (which is less than we currently pay, that is, part of the savings) to the
> AKA account. We would probably maintain our own merchant credit card
> account, though, for use at the convention.
> After all that long explanation, my question is simply this: Do any of you
> have experience using stores that require payment via PayPal. Do you have
> any discomfort with this system of payment? Do you like it?
> Any input will be appreciated. It will certainly be easier and quicker to
> implement a PayPal based system.
> Thanks,
> Barry
> Barry J. Cooper, Prof. Emeritus, Dept. Biomedical Sciences, Cornell
> Adjunct faculty, College of Veterinary Medicine, Oregon State University
> Home address: 27505 Riggs Hill Rd., Sweet Home, OR 97386
(bjc3 at cornell_edu)
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