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re: wild Rivulus

Hello all,

I believe that bruce turner has a website devoted to "riv. 
marmoratus/ocellatus" everything you ever imagined you should be able to 
reach this site off of the links from the AKA site.

I always bred them in a lot of salt. 4.2 ml/l NaCl with 2.1 ml/l of Epsom 
salt MgSO4 or 1T./gal NaCl and 0.5T/gal MgSO4.  I bred them over a screen 
like you would tetras often the eggs laid are already partially developed 
but still can take 3-6 weeks to hatch many have to be force hatched.  
Brazilian ocellatus are also easier to force into producing primary males.  
Hubers book sites info on forcing this rareity.  They aren't to terribly 
difficult to breed but they take a long time to mature.

I would thank the one who wild collected them for you From what I have heard 
they are almost impossible to catch in the wild. Imagine a scittish rivulus 
in a mangrove swamp!

If you manage to get eggs of either one, especially the Caudomarginatus I 
would love to get some  Please Keep me in mind!!!!

God Bless, Lee Van Hyfte <><

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