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Re: [OT] recruiting via killitalk

I am not sure why this discussion came up again. We discussed it when the 
issue first arose. To recapitulate, there is no barrier to promoting local 
aquarium clubs on killietalk, whether directly affiliated with the AKA or 
not. Indeed, I suspect that almost all AKA members recognize the value of 
promoting our niche in the hobby amongst generalists. I suspect few people 
keep killies as the first fish they have ever had.

Possibly this misunderstanding arose from some rules that we do have on 
killietalk. Specifically, one is not allowed to use this list to promote a 
commercial venture. Thus, I would frown upon somebody posting messages, as 
an example plucked out of the air, advertising their own LFS or something 
similar. I would frown on someone promoting an organization from which they 
or someone else makes a profit. On the other hand, it is perfectly OK to 
post messages expressing satisfaction with a particular product, if you 
have no such interest. Its best to keep such messages in a positive tone. 
Be careful about posting complaints or strong negative experiences to a 
forum like this. One group has been sued, I suspect unjustly, because their 
email list was used to heavily criticize a particular supplier. Similarly, 
it's OK to post occasional messages if you have a few fish to sell, or are 
looking for something in particular.

In summary, promote local aquarium clubs if you want. It's all good for the 


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Adjunct faculty, College of Veterinary Medicine, Oregon State University
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