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Re: recruiting via killitalk

Hello All

It was at a local aquarium clubs meeting that i was first introduced to
Killifish.   I was also fortunate enough to have AKA members like Jeff
Bilbrough, Ted Klotz, Dan Nielson, Howard Berg and Bill Brogan in my
local club that showed me what i needed to learn about keeping and
breeding Killies.   I dont know how many hours i spent picking the
brains and experiences of these people until i became proficient enough
on my own.   That was 8 years ago at the Central New York Aquarium
Society meetings..... i was then introduced to the AKA and my first
convention in '96 out in Milwaukee....   These local aquarium society
members were also AKA members and regularly spoke to our club members
about Killifish and the AKA...  They were also very experienced hobbyist
in other fields, many Cichlids, LIvebearers and Catfish came my way via
these club members.  So to give someone a hard time for promoting a
local fish club, oh man, get a grip!!!   I personally feel that everyone
should belong to a local aquarium society and promote killies to the
club and the club to other people interested in tropical fish.  Posting
Aquarium club info here is certainly more fish related then some of the
topics that have been discussed here that had nothing to do with fish at

Oh, Congrats on your fry Michiko.... good luck raising them to
adulthood.   Hope you become successful with all the killies you keep.

Tundra John "where it's -18F right now..brrr"

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