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[OT] recruiting via killitalk

At 11:58 AM -0500 1/9/03, MICHIKO KITA wrote:
>I have gotten an email from someone to let me know that it might not be a good idea to recruit through killietalk.

I'm sorry, but I think this is off the wall.  A person asked about killie keepers in New England and Michiko told the list about the Boston Aquairum Society (BAS). I don't think Michiko did anything wrong.

And somebody thinks this is wrong?  That's is crazy.  The BAS in no way competes with the AKA, it has killie keepers as members and I'm pretty sure that some BAS members are also AKA members.  This isn't a competition folks, we are in the same hobby, the fish hobby.

Her posting was fish related, her posting was even killie related.  We had a killie speaker at a meeting in the fall. I most certainly don't see a problem.

(and yes, I am on the board of the BAS but I'd say this even if I wasn't, and I say it if it was about another club.)

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