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Aply. kabae

Dear Mr. Romand,

Thank you for your response. The fish was described to me as looking a
lot like A. normani, but with larger unpaired fins (???), and a blue
spot on the eye. They came from Guinea near Mt. Nimba. Do you have a
bibliographical reference for the original description for A. kabae, or
can you take a moment to relate to us your experiences in collecting
this fish??? 

Thank You,

Northwest Killies
Brian Perkins, President
West Linn, OR 

Dear Brian,

We mainly know this fish from the original description. From having
this fish, I can only say that the Wildecamp description is wrong, there
is no
color picture available of this fish and the phenotype is close to A.
although it could be a different species.


R. Romand


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