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Fish ID

I was in a LFS a few days ago and saw some killies that I had not seen 
before.  They were in a tank labeled mixed killies that contained the usual 
"gold wonder" killies.  These fish had very washed out colors, but they 
looked like Epiplatys dageti.  They had the vertical stripes like a dageti, 
but they also had a horizontal thick black band that ran along the ventral 
surface from the base of the caudal fin to the middle of the fish.  They did 
not resemble any E dageti photos that I have ever seen.  Could this just be a 
color variant?
The tank also contained some other fish that I have never seen before. They 
were about an Inch long and tall dorso-ventrally.  They were transparent and 
reminded me of the fish sold as glass fish(not the cats), with one exception. 
 Above the eyes they had a neon blue band that fluoresced under the tank 
lights.  Any guesses about these?


Philip J. Eversman D.D.S. F.A.G.D.
9052 Log Run Dr. South
Indianapolis, In. 46234 
Ph. 317 298-4063
pjeversman at aol_com

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