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ARK March Cactus - Killie - Cook-Out Speaker

Wow!  Here is a terrific reason to come to Phoenix for the March 8th Arizona
Rivulin Keepers meeting.  Besides the opportunity to watch some of your
favorite major league baseball teams during Spring Training - and then enjoy
the company of fellow killie hobbyists - we will be featuring a program by
one of the best:


Just read his bio below and you'll want to attend this fun event:

Monty Lehmann, 52, Experimental Physicist at Thomas Jefferson
National Accelerator Facility. Married, one daughter.

Monty has been keeping and breeding tropical fish for more than 40 years
since his first ten gallon tank at age 10.  He has
concentrated on breeding killifish for the last 27 years and has focused on
the non-annual killies from Western Africa for the
last fifteen years, although he does keep a small amount of most killifish
types.  Over the years he has bred more than 600 species of fish (stopped
counting many years ago), and has bred many species of Anabantids,
Livebearers, Central and South American Cichlids,Catfish, some African
cichlids, Barbs, Danios, Plecostomus and many others as well as more than
200 species of killifish.

 He has been involved in many clubs, including several years as the
President of the San Diego Tropical Fish Society, co-founder of the San
Diego Killie Club and the Chesapeake Area Killie Club, past member of the
ALA, ACA, PCCA, and many other organizations.  He was the first person in
the 60 year history of the San Diego Tropical Fish Society to reach the rank
of Grandmaster Breeder.  He has given talks on many Tropical Fish topics
since the late 1970's, including "How to breed Aphyosemions" and "The
Kathetys group of killies" at AKA National Conventions.

 Monty led several collecting  expeditions into the interior Highlands of
Mexico in the 1980's.  He has also participated in collecting efforts in the
Salton Sea area of southern California and Baja, Mexico.

Monty is currently on the board of Directors of the American Killifish
Association, a position he has held in the past.  He is the AKA's Small
Aphyosemion Technical expert for the Journal of the AKA.  In 2002 he was the
Editor of a special edition of JAKA on the Kathetys group of killies from
Cameroon.  He has been a killie photographer since 1976 and was a
contributing editor to Freshwater and Marine Aquarium Magazine from 1978 to
1988.  For many years hes has been the Chairman of the Color Slide committee
of the AKA.  He has been featured in a pet magazine article in Brazil
because of his success with killifish.  His articles in JAKA have been
reprinted in killifish journals in many countries.  His photos of killies
can be found on many websites as he freely shares them.  He has won many
awards in the past for fish and aquarium entries in shows.  He currently has
about 75 tanks of killies as well as a few more aquariums devoted to other
species of tropical fish.


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