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RE: The endless algae battle

If I remember correctly a magnum micron (white pleated) filter charged with
diatomaceous earth will filter out the green water.  It reportedly filters
out ich when it is free swimming.

Good luck

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><{{{>Here's what I was told to do with two refractory tanks filled
><{{{>with green at
><{{{>the shop.
><{{{>Move the fish
><{{{>Clean the inside of the tank thoroughly
><{{{>Fill tank and run filter
><{{{>Cover tank for 3 days, so NO light gets in at all
><{{{>Do a partial water change
><{{{>Add fish back in
><{{{>These two tanks aren't in line with each other, the tanks on
><{{{>either side of
><{{{>them are fine, but even doing daily water changes I can't
><{{{>beat the algae, so
><{{{>I'm going to use black trash bags to cover them, the
><{{{>customers are going to
><{{{>wonder WHAT I'm up to now<G> but hopefully this will work,
><{{{>I'm ready to pull
><{{{>my hair out over these two tanks!!
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><{{{>Subject: The endless algae battle
><{{{>> This is going to be a long message so buckle up :)
><{{{>> I have been battling an algae problem for so long and it is
><{{{>> winning. When I built my tank shelfs I used 2 4 foot light
><{{{>tube fixtures.
><{{{>> bought these lights that were called outdoors. I was told
><{{{>they simulate
><{{{>> light more. I figured since they are like the sun then it
><{{{>would be more
><{{{>> natural for the fish. They are 40w and I figured this would
><{{{>be perfect. So
><{{{>> bought 4 of them 3 for each shelf. Now I dont know if these are the
><{{{>> or what.
><{{{>> Now the problem is that all the tanks under these lights
><{{{>turn to green
><{{{>> water. Hey the green water comes in handy for my cultures
><{{{>:) . But I don't
><{{{>> need it and it really irritates me. A few weeks ago I
><{{{>stripped down 4
><{{{>> completely. I scrubbed every part thoroughly and even
><{{{>bleached a lot of
><{{{>> 2 days later they were green water and I couldn't see the
><{{{>fish again.
><{{{>> Another thing that may be the problem is my setup is in a
><{{{>dining room
><{{{>> has windows on every big wall. My setup is centered right
><{{{>in the middle of
><{{{>> the window where the green tanks are. But I have full black
><{{{>curtains and a
><{{{>> shade. No sun light gets through except the light you can
><{{{>see through the
><{{{>> black curtains. It isn't like light it's just you can see
><{{{>where sun light
><{{{>> coming in and the curtain is drowning it out. So I'm pretty sure the
><{{{>> is not the problem. Also since the bottom shelf is the
><{{{>floor no sun light
><{{{>> would get down there from the window and the bottom shelf
><{{{>is the one with
><{{{>> the most green water.
><{{{>> I've tried a few algae killers and the algae just laughed
><{{{>at it. I was
><{{{>> thinking of buying 4 foot UV sterilizer lights and
><{{{>replacing one light per
><{{{>> shelf with these. But those lights are so darn expensive.
><{{{>> So now that you have the story do you have any pointers or
><{{{>> Please help me. Thank you in advance.
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