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Re: Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets

Agway agricultural suppliers (at least my local outlet) sells the large(1.5"
dia by 1/4 inch thick) jiffy pellets for $.09 each, by the single pellet or
by the thousand carton, all the same price/pellet. They are a national, not
local, outfit.  I do know they sometimes have a smaller pellet for $0.07
each. I usually buy 100 at a time so I have some on hand for whatever. Their
site is at http://www.agway.com/
From there you can search for an Agway lawn and garden center locally by Zip
I don't know the "type" or "number" of the pellets I get there, but they
have never done my fish any harm.  I rinse in hot tap to rehydrate them and
rinse out fines, but have never boiled them.  I would think a "local " club
could buy a whole box, or a few hundred for member purchase.
Bill Shenefelt

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