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Re: Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets

Morris, George wrote:
> I wonder if Jiffy would be interested in making a product just for us, to be
> sold throught he On-Line Store.

Nice thought, but probably a waste of effort.

The added CaCO3 (limestone) just saturates the ion exchange sites with Ca 
ions, to keep the peat from altering your water as quickly, and most 
fertilizing agents will be removed by the boiling and rinsing process. 
Likewise, the more soluble organic acids are removed, so only a modest 
amount of buffering is needed to completely avoid the dreaded "pH Crash."

YMMV. Since boiling and rinsing are mandatory for other reasons, I'll be 
happy to keep using the 700 series pellets at whatever cheap price I can 
find. I do have to watch it and add a bit of buffering (baking soda) to my 
too-soft water, at times. [I guess I must wash out all that useful (H)CO3, 
from the limestone, with the fines and fertilizers.]


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