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Re:Re: Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets

Hi group, 

I posted my question regarding the contents of Jiffy-7
peat pellets on killietalk and Jiffy's message board
at the same time. Today, I got the reply from them.
The information they gave me confirms what John has
told us in his email-the peat pellets do contain some
additives. The peat pellet also contain limestone
according to Jiffy. Sounds like Jiffy do reliaze that
killie people are using their products for spawning
killies. May be we can ask them for special discount:)

Kean Huat

My question on their message board:

Hi! I'm going to use Jiffy-7 (#708) for spawning my
fish. Yes, jiffy peat pellets have other uses other
than gardening  But I would like to find out if it's
only containing peat moss, without any additives like
fertilizers and other chemicals. Can anyone confirm
this or provide any useful information on this? Thanks
so much!

Jiffy's reply to my question:
We never recommend using Jiffy Pellets for any use
other than that for which they were designed. They are
designed to be used to start seeds and cuttings.
Therefore, they contain a small nutrient charge as
well as some dolomitic limestone to adjust the pH
I know some fish breeders are using and recommending
them for this, but you will have to go to the
killifish websites to get information on how they are
using them. Using them in this way is at your own
Sorry, that's the best we can offer!
Jiffy Pro


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