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The endless algae battle

This is going to be a long message so buckle up :)

I have been battling an algae problem for so long and it is continually
winning. When I built my tank shelfs I used 2 4 foot light tube fixtures. I
bought these lights that were called outdoors. I was told they simulate sun
light more. I figured since they are like the sun then it would be more
natural for the fish. They are 40w and I figured this would be perfect. So I
bought 4 of them 3 for each shelf. Now I dont know if these are the problem
or what.

Now the problem is that all the tanks under these lights turn to green
water. Hey the green water comes in handy for my cultures :) . But I don't
need it and it really irritates me. A few weeks ago I stripped down 4 tanks
completely. I scrubbed every part thoroughly and even bleached a lot of it.
2 days later they were green water and I couldn't see the fish again.

Another thing that may be the problem is my setup is in a dining room which
has windows on every big wall. My setup is centered right in the middle of
the window where the green tanks are. But I have full black curtains and a
shade. No sun light gets through except the light you can see through the
black curtains. It isn't like light it's just you can see where sun light is
coming in and the curtain is drowning it out. So I'm pretty sure the window
is not the problem. Also since the bottom shelf is the floor no sun light
would get down there from the window and the bottom shelf is the one with
the most green water.

I've tried a few algae killers and the algae just laughed at it. I was
thinking of buying 4 foot UV sterilizer lights and replacing one light per
shelf with these. But those lights are so darn expensive.

So now that you have the story do you have any pointers or suggestions?
Please help me. Thank you in advance.

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