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batesii, rubrolabiale

Hi Lee, I would try them the same way I breed Fp. robertsoni. Set up one well 
conditioned pair in a 5gal. tank w/lid and sponge filter and one mop to 
provide some security. Put one (tennis ball) good size handfull of peatmoss 
in the tank, I let the peat go where it will loose in the tank. I usually 
harvest the peat every2-3 weeks and 
they get a partial water change at the same time. The peat is siphoned 
through a fine mesh net and squezed fairly tightly to remove excess water 
then placed on paper towel overnight, peatball is then placed in a zip loc 
bag and dated, incubation for ROB
is 4-6mo., I wet at each 4,5 & 6 months. I have had hatches from one wetting 
from 2 prs. as high as 200 fry!!  Fp.batesii incubation 3-5 months, 
Fp.rubrolabiale incubation
3-4 months. Be sure to feed plenty of worms for good egg production. Let me 
know how they do for you and 
if you have any extra eggs, I am interested in working with these two you 

 Yoncalla, Oregon

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