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Thank you. What I'll try next is darkness. They are in dimly lit tanks
now, but several years ago I had pairs of elberti Diang that were only
productive at the end of the row where the fluorescents didn't reach.
The N'douzem tank isn't bright, but it's brighter than what I used to
have. I've changed the way my tanks are arranged since then, and the
Diang adjusted, so I frankly forgot that trick til I read your note.
I'll put 'em into darkness, play them a little Goth music and see what
happens. Thanks,

Kate Breimayer wrote:
> I got buckets of N'Douzem from wild caught parents right away by putting
> a pair in a 14 gallon rubbermaid storage bin filled halfway, sage green
> color, with 2 dark green yarn mops at each end. Ph about 7, no gravel or
> calcium added and out of the tap the water was about a 2 in hardness.
> Temp about 70.
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