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Re: KillieTalk Digest V5 #21

I got buckets of N'Douzem from wild caught parents right away by putting 
a pair in a 14 gallon rubbermaid storage bin filled halfway, sage green 
color, with 2 dark green yarn mops at each end. Ph about 7, no gravel or 
calcium added and out of the tap the water was about a 2 in hardness. 
Temp about 70. Put saran wrap over the top since they jumped and one 
good monster sponge filter. The mops were checked daily and the eggs 
incubated in drinking glasses that had their water changed daily with 
water from the parent's tub. Most hatched and after 2 weeks I put the 
parents back in the 10 gallon with the others and dumped the fry in the 
plastic tub. I know some people don't like the use of plastic bins but 
the fish seemed happy, the opaque sides are probably good and the pair 
certainly was productive. The 10 gallon tank also was very productive, I 
kept it dark and put dark objects for them to hide in (black ceramic cup 
on its side, black plastic box, rocks) as well as java moss and 4-5 
mops. They had more cover than open water. Fed blackworms twice a 
day.and bbs. This setup yielded fry that grew alongside the adults, 
although they were usually removed if I could do it easily. This was my 
first killie breeding experience and I didn't know how good I had it! I 
am now raising F2 babies but the F1 parents don't breed as well. I moved 
into a smaller place and they are not happy with the new arrangements. 
Production in the Kritter Keeper is almost zero (2-10 eggs a week) and 
the divided 10 gallon is not producing at all. So I think they need 
space and the blackworms probably helped, I don't use them much anymore 
unless they come from my own culture. Got tired of the hitchhikers.
Kate B
Oly WA

>	elberti N'douzem - help wanted...
>Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2003 18:22:30 -0500
>From: Frauley Elson <fraulels at videotron_ca>
>Subject: elberti N'douzem - help wanted...
>I've noticed that the elberti N'douzem population is proving very easy
>for some keepers, and really tough for others. I'm in the latter
>category, and I can't figure out why. I've kept several elberti, and
>never had any problems before this one. I started with a large group,
>and it is dwindling quickly and not replacing itself steadily enough. I
>get very few eggs, in tiny bursts.
>My daphnia didn't make the move indoors this year, but I feed the fish
>bbs, white worms and frozen foods, all of which they take with glee.
>They are kept at pH 7.4 and 140 ppm (though I've also tried at half that
>hardness and a lower pH, with equal non results). I heat their tanks to
>23c (73-74f).
>I'd like to hear from people having success, to know what they are
>doing, and if they know any tricks they can share. I don't want to lose
>this fish.
>- -Gary
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