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Re: Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets

John,Of coarse I would have to add something to your remark about
Eds.book,at that time what he stated was,out of the  700,701 702 and
703,the #703 was the one he researched,and found the safest to use,and the
reasons why.Also at that time ,I am almost sure,there was no #725 peat
pellet nor Home-Depot.Have a good night   Ruth Warner,

Ruth Warner
ruthwarner at earthlink_net

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> Date: 1/12/2003 8:45:26 AM
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> Bill,
> On 12-Jan-03 william ruyle wrote:
> > The 
> > 703 was the one that had no fertilizer additives and was the safest to
> > if memory serves.
> >
> I have posted this before so those that have read it please excuse the
> bandwidth but I think the point is important enough to repeat.  The issue
> the 703 pellet has no fertilizer additives is incorrect.  Please don't
let me
> lead anyone to believe that Ed's book is anything but a wealth of accurate
> information for people just staring in Killies.  I know I cut my teeth on
> But ...
> Last spring, Home Depot had Jiffy Pellets in a 25 package plastic
> The number on the container was 725.  The price on he 25 pack bag at that
> brought the cost of the pellets down to about $.12 a pellet so, being the
> flint that I am, I picked up about 10 bags of 25.  At that time it was
> circulated on this list that the 725 and the 703 where one in the same. 
> I bought them I called the Jiffy people and talked to one of their tech
> He was vary helpful.  He did verify that the 725 and the 703 where indeed
> same pellet.  At that my statement was "That means the ones without and
> fertilizer additives".  He immediately corrected me and said that all
Jiffy Peat
> pellets contain fertilizer additives, it is just that some, like the 703,
> contain a lot less.  He said the additives in the 703 were very water
> and are just designed to give the seed a light boost when first
> Since then I have taken to soaking the pellets in about a quart of water
> pellet.  I soak them overnight and then collect in a brine shrimp net.
> Hope this helps.
> Peace
> john
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