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Fish Camera for $230?

Hi, all you Phish-Photo nuts.

Once in a while, an orphan product shows up that has some interesting 
properties. One suspects that Sharp got burned in the digicam market and may 
even be getting out. A closeout is being held on their VE-CG30U model at:


If you can live with no hot shoe or remote, it might be an economical 
solution. IDK what that "fixed focus mode for image capture without time 
delay" really means but it sounds good to someone who went through 3 other 
cameras before finding one that would actually take a pic of a fish while it 
was still there.* Otherwise, full manual control seems to be available.

It has a much-faster than normal Canon f 2.0 lens which is very good indeed.

Take a good look at the specs, and be aware that the vendor is Fry's 
Electronics who have been known to have communications problems with 
customers. OTOH, their return policies have always been more than generous.

Sharp introduced this camera and a 4Mp sister with movie capability only in 
August of last year, so they have all the latest bells and whistles, such as 
SD memory card, USB connection, etc. Manufacturer's suggested retail price 
(MSRP) was $499.95 at that time. Sharp is a major player in VCRs, so they 
will be around to provide support, I suspect.

I have not tried one, but the description sounded pretty good at that 
$229.99 price.

* I downloaded the manual and it is just a reduced aperture mode that gives 
a larger depth of field, and does not work in "macro" mode. Half-press to 
preset autofocus is the only practical mode for reducing shutter lag.

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