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Re: Riv. parayagi

Hi Lee--

Well, mine haven't read the books. Temps are in the mid 70's (and they're
eating like pigs--flake, frozen, live whiteworms and daphnia, you name it
they eat it), water is hard and alkaline (300 ppm GH, KH even higher, 7.4
pH), and there is enough light in the jungle tank to keep the naias grass
happy (and it's a thick growth so there's barely room for the fish). I will
try to get a tank set up on the top of the rack for them soon with warmer
and softer water and see what happens.

Thanks for the tips.


> The general consensus seems, with parayagi is to keep them 80-84 degrees
> in the dark, acid, and very soft.  Don't expect many eggs, from them
> my experiences and others per report  3-4 huge eggs per week!!
> God Bless, Lee <><

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