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Re: Hey killie keepers

> What is your local affiliate doing in cooperation with the general
> hobby? We'd like to hear about it, I think.
> Wright

Hi all--

GCKA routinely does presentations about killies to local "all species" clubs
(both the Greater Cinci Aquarium Society and the Columbus Area Fish
Enthusiasts), with talks ranging from basic "look at all the neato killies,"
to beginner fish, and to specialized techniques. Of course, this is
enlightened self interest as we always have club and AKA membership
information in the killifish info packet that we pass out as part of the
talk, and we tend to pick up one or 2 new members a year as a result. Many
GCKA members also cross over and hold memberships (and often leadership
positions) in these all species clubs as well.

We also support the auctions that these clubs do each year, both by
providing fish for sale and by members that work at the event. Club outings
(picnic/collecting trips, zoo tours, etc) tend to be joint efforts--it
doesn't matter what club a member belongs to as long as they're interested
in fish!

So, as an AKA member, a GCKA member, as a CAFE member, and as a member of
the BOT, I was happy to see the announcement about the BAS meeting on this
list. In my mind, one of the purposes of killietalk is to share information
about aquarium society meetings--both killie and non-killie related--so that
AKA members have the opportunity to attend and corrupt--er, recruit--new
people for the killifish hobby.

Off soapbox.


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