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Some help please

Hi group, 

I have posted here a few times and have always gotten
great help to my troubles, and hope that this request
will be of no exception.

First off let me introduce myself,
I am in 11th grade and have kept many species of
fish,ranging from rather easy species to quite
demanding ones.
I have 5 large tanks up and running and numerous
smaller ones for breeding- I have tried to obtain some
killifish, but have only had luck in getting 2

What I need help on is that I am doing a paper in
school on killifish, and it basically determines if I
will pass 12th grade, however I do not have very many
and the paper requires some hands on experience, so I
was wondering if anyone could sell me some eggs either
of Fdp. Gardneri or any species of Nothonbranchius
they would be willing to sell, please contact me
either on the list or at eric_is_now at yahoo_com,
(I live in Thailand)
Thanks alot,


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